This is a short and simple tip, but very usefull when dooing new HTML5 based projects. will help you structure your markup for a new HTML5 page. It gives you the ability to customize which components you want to include, and makes a package for you. The package will contain some scripts and the markup itselfe.

The boilerplate has been created bt some of the leading experts in markup, and supports all the things you need, when  you just want to start a HTML5 project, and doesnt have to think too much about compabality and cross-browser issued. All of those things has been thought of, and is included in the project. Also stuff like loading javascripts in correct order, to improove preformance.

A great way to use the boilertempalte is to download it, and investergate how its been setup. It contains comments for almost every detail, so it can be a great learning experince to go through the code.

a  few items from the featurelist:

  • Cross-browser compatible(also IE6)
  • Optiman caching and compression rules
  • Progressive enhancement graceful degradation
  • Console.log fix included so it wont break
  • Mobile browser optimizations
  • CDN hosted javascripts(like jQuery), with local fallbacks