So just a quick blog post on Sitecore 7. Its currently only released in a MVP edition, which is an early release, which MVPs with some time to spare, can install, and start playing around with it.

Anyways, I’ll try to write a little on the features I find interesting in the release, as I start to play around with it. I got an internal presentation at the company in a week, so I hope to get through the most important features by then.

A list of what I’m looking forward for in this release:

  • Item Buckets
    • The functionality to have a part of your Sitecore solution to maintain as many items you want. In Sitecore 6 and prior, you would never keep more than 100 child items for a parent. With buckets, you can have as many as you would like.
  • Search
    • The Search API has been optimized, and Lucene has been integrated even more. It seems that you won’t be able to come around the search index when developing Sitecore 7.
  • LINQ to Provider(LINQ to Items)
    • Gives us as developers the possibility to query Sitecore with LINQ. This should replace some ugly xpath expressions in your code, and make it readable for “normal” .NET developers.
  • .NET 4.5 based
    • It’s built on .NET 4.5. The release of ASP.NET 4.5 gives an enormous performance boost without changing any code, also all the new features of .NET 4.5 can be used(this was also possible with later Sitecore 6 versions, but the core is now built on .NET 4.5)

I’m really looking forward to get my fingers dirty with Sitecore 7, and updating the blog with my experiences