Ok, so this time I won’t take any credit for the solution, this is all stuff I others has been doing, and also blogging about. The reason ill blog about it is that this is it really helped me on my current project.

The requirements for the new project was to be able to use some kind of spot functionality, where the user can insert blocks of presentation with data to any placeholder on the page.

The placeholder controls this, and the placeholder is represented by a div. The challenge was that the user should be able to add more rows to a placeholder. This could be done by adding presentations that contains new placeholders. The problem with this is that the placeholders key won’t be dynamic, and therefore won’t be able to differentiate the placeholders from each other.

The solution is to implement the dynamic key placeholder, was made by Sitecore MVP Nick Wesselman, and he talked about it in his “The Page Editor: Unleashed” webcast. If you haven’t seen it, it’s definitely worth an hour of your time, to see how the Page Editor can be used, giving the editors more front end options for customizing their pages.