Time to try that CMS im working on

Ive been blogging regulary for the last couple of years. During this time ive tried different kinds of blog engines to write the content in. The previous one was BlogEngine.NET, which was a super cool blogging engine, wich had all kinds of features for writing blogposts. Previous I always wanted to do my own engine based on Sitecore CMS, but the problem with running Sitecore, is the licencing! That was one of the reasons i never took the time to acualy create something of my own.

As you might have seen, ive changed my job to work at Umbraco. So for me to learn a little about how to program and extend Umbraco, i thought it would be a great idea to implement my blog in Umbraco. So i did.

Before joining he company i had just been certified as a Umbraco developer, this meant that i knew some of the basics, but i had never actualy implemented anything in the system. This wasnt a big problem, as the last many years ive been implementing sites in another CMS, and many of their practices and thoughts are similay.

The result is the site you are currently looking at. This blogpost wont go into any coding details, but that will come. I promise more technical details on how stuff was implemented. During the implementation i also managed to create my first package on our(Robots meta tag property editor). Ill write some details on that aswell.

For the setup, im so lucky to have access to Umbraco.com(UaaS), which means that the site is running on the Umbraco.com service. This gives me an awesome insight in how it is implemented, and where we need improvements. It also means playing arround with Windows Azure and the setup behind Umbraco.com. That is the true benefit conserning my job, as Umbraco.com is what i was primarly hired to work on.

Umbraco version is currently 7.2.1 and ill try to update it as soon as an update is out(7.2.2 is almost done).

Ive used the Fanoe starterkit as the base layout as my layuting skills sucks! Ill be utilizing "The Grid" extensivly, and hopefully lots of custom property editors. It also means that i can always aks my colleagues who made the starterkit for help :-)