One of the methods that i use to learn more stuff, and one of the methods that usually gives me the most inspiration for my everyday work life, is going to conferences. I like attending them, and listening to other people who are just as passionate about Development, as I am. To be honest I like listening to them, even though we don’t share interest in a subject, just because I like listening to their passion for that subject.

This year there are a few conferences I’m attending, one (maybe two) are Sitecore related, the other are "just" development in general. I’m attending these conferences this year

Danish Developer Conference 2014

Located in Århus, Denmark, the conference is a .NET conference, focusing on all the new stuff that’s available for us in .NET and Visual Studio. Speakers are primary Danish speakers, and as I see it the main attraction would be Mads Kristensen from Microsoft, who is the man behind Web Essentials for Visual Studio, and a Program Manager on the Web platforms and tools team at Microsoft. Also the man behind BlogEngine.NET.

Date: 30th of April 2014, full day, Price ~270EUR.


A new conference located in Odense, Denmark. This is actually one of my colleagues that co-organizing the conference, which is also one of the reasons I really wanted to go to it. Of course also to support a local conference in the city that I live in. The conference is primary frontend-focused, but also topics like startup, and intranet will be present.

Date: 15th of May 2014, full day, Price ~50 EUR

Sitecore Symposium EMEA 2014

Finally, the Symposium is held in Barcelona this year. I’m definitely going, and looking forward for this one. Usually its top Sitecore people that will be talking about new topics, and showing the newest and shiniest Things within Sitecore Development. Besides Development, There is a business track where select customers will highlight their Sitecore solutions.

Date: 15th-17th of September, full days, Price ??


Besides the conferences listed above, going to user groups also gives me great inspiration. Most user Group meetings is a lot like attending conferences, just for a shorter amount of time, usually 2-3 hours. The primary in Denmark for Sitecore developers is Danish Sitecore Developer Group, and in Odense we have a .NET focused Group (but not that active), Odense .NET User Group, ONUG

Anyway, that’s what attending this year; do you have any I should go to? Or what do you attend?