Past experience

For the last 9 years, ive been working as a software consultant, primary focused on implementing customers sites in a CMS. Since 2007 that CMS has been Sitecore. Ive always been a keen believer in sharing your knowlage with your coworkers, and the community. The ecosystem surrounding a CMS is one of the most important parts, and for Sitecore, this is their forum, and their MVP program. In 2013 i manged to become a Sitecore MVP alongside some 100 other, and i was reelected in 2014. Despite this, I had a feeling that it might be the time to try something new. Some projects as a consultant can seem trivial, and look alot like the previous project, and I had that feeling during some of the later projects. Also a big focus on management stuff souch as time registrations and too little space for getting new knowleage, and internal developlent, had me looking arround for something different.

Moving on

In late summer of 2014 i notised a joboffer from a company called Umbraco. I knew Umbraco, only as a CMS, and in my work with Sitecore, it was often called a competetor when choosing CMS. The joboffer had all the right offerings for me, and it fit me perfect, an therefore i applied. As of the 1st. November 2014 i was official hired as a developer at Umbraco.

The change of job means a change of what i have to work with. Im still a webdeveloper, but where i was implementing sites in a CMS before, im now going to developer our own products. My primary work will to help develop Umbraco as a Service, which is our service offering, which will ease the life of normal Umbraco developers.

Ive currently been at Umbraco for about 2½ month, and my expectations have been fulfilled, and looking at the future, theres nothing indication that it wont continue to amaze me :-)

The job change also means that the content on my blog will change from Sitecore to Umbraco and more general web development. Im keeping all the old blogposts, for historicaly reasons, and someone might actualy need the info.